A Brief History

GeneralPattyn.US, formerly Pattyn Computer Services (PCS), was founded by Greg Pattyn. GeneralPattyn.US has acted as the Information Technology (IT) Department to small business since 2001. Our flagship service is the General Pattyn MSP which is a managed services offering. Our goal is to develop long term close relationships with our clients and to provide excellent service and support for all the technology needs of small business.

Through our affiliation with an international service group, we are able to support customers across the US and Canada from our base in south western Pennsylvania. GeneralPattyn.US was started with one loyal customer and has grown due to many referrals from satisfied clients and friends. We are “The Bridge Between Technology and You!”

Greg Pattyn

Greg has supported computer systems since the early 1990’s. At that time, DOS and Windows 3.1 made up the operating system that was widely used. Everybody used Word Perfect to create documents and Lotus 123 to analyze numbers. Hard drive capacity and memory were measured in megabytes. The Internet was unknown to most people. The cloud was a white puffy formation in the sky. Consumer products were purchased at local stores or were ordered from the Sears catalog.

For more than twenty-five years, Greg and GeneralPattyn.US have lead businesses through all the rapid changes in technology. Windows 10 is now being implemented while Word and Excel are the standard. Microsoft 365 Email with Outlook has replaced much of snail mail and faxes. Computer hardware is less expensive now than it was twenty years ago and many times more powerful. A very popular model is now moving all computing to the “cloud” or more simply, the Internet.

The adoption of the Internet, has changed every facet of life in what is becoming a connected society. That connection brings with it complicated security concerns that threaten businesses and organizations of all sizes. A big part of what we do now concerns protecting and defending our clients’ data assets from loss, theft and destruction.


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