Most small businesses that lose their data go out of business within 5 years. Why become a statistic? Knowing what is backing up, what to backup, where it’s backing up to and how to restore a backup is important.

Most companies we ask about how they are backing up their critical systems give us the “dead” stare as if we just asked a really rotten question. The fact is most companies have no idea the dangers that linger. All computer hardware will fail eventually. Being realistic about your backup is also important. If you lose a file you should be able to easily restore that file back. If you lose an entire server, be prepared to reinstall and restore files. Doing a basic files and folder backup will take a long time to recover from.

Be proactive and make sure all information on your workstations and servers is backed up and backed up properly. Contact us today to find out how to properly backup your important business data.