As soon as you remember what your password is, the system makes you change it.

“Hackers” are not, most times, someone sitting behind a computer with smoke wafting from their ears trying to break into your computer. These are, most times, sophisticated computers trying billions of combinations very quickly until it gets the right one. Most people will use pet names, street names, and family members for their passwords which is a simple way to remember the password but a very easy way for someone to guess it.

Here’s some simple tips on how to use passwords correctly:
– Use different passwords for every account
– Use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols every chance you get
– Don’t always have the capital first. Mix upper and lower case throughout
– In today’s era, 12 or more characters should be used when creating a password
– DO NOT save passwords (IE. Browser, Email, Social Networking) when prompted
– Make sure numbers are random on cell phone lock screens

Another simple way to remember a password but come up with a complex password is to shift a word up and to the left or right on the keyboard. For example: You pick the word Telephone because the password you are creating is to log into your cell phone carrier’s website. It has meaning and is easily remembered. Now shift the up and to the left on the keyboard and you have a “complex” password. Telephone becomes 53o30Y9h#.

If you need help with passwords, you can also download a password manager. This stores all passwords and can auto generate a random password for all your accounts. Don’t worry, all password are encrypted with the password manger so if your password manager ended up in the wrong hands it would look like gibberish.