Mark Sommers, Managing Principal, Benefit Service Company

Mike Mannarino of PMLTS has been working with Greg Pattyn and our firm for the near six years since we began business. Mike is always responsive and we have a solid and dependable working relationship. We have been experiencing difficulties of late with an older desktop machine. This particular PC has become increasingly vulnerable to Malware/ spyware and other maladies that had make it virtually useless.

Mike recently worked diligently for hours, first finding a way for remote-access operations and then working with various software tools to identify bad files and problems and remove them. This took several hours to perform. He also added some additional diagnostic tools to hopefully alleviate new issues materializing. Thanks Mike for the extra efforts and ultimate success!

Margaret Loria, Principal, Benefit Service Company

We engaged PML Tech Services in early 2009 when we first considered starting our own company. From day one, their knowledge and efficiency has helped INNOVA in every technical aspect. Their professionalism and competence is exactly what we need. Not only do they have an excellent grasp of general software applications and servers, they also provide exceptional support to our primary business applications, with which they had no prior experience. Should the need arise, their response time is superior, and can be offered via phone or on-site.  Without hesitation we endorse PML Tech Services as a first-rate IT service provider.

Tom Hayden, Business Owner

I have been doing business with PML Tech Services for eight years, and knew from the earliest days that it would grow and thrive as a company. PML Tech Services has always been noted for its quick response, accurate diagnosis, and repairs that last. Over the years It also has furnished me with valuable technological advice about new systems and products—solutions—that have helped me in my own business.

Denise McGee, Director of Servicing, Real Estate Advisory Services

I like having experts that I trust running our network, and preventing network problems before downtime occurs. PMLTS is proactive instead of passive. Our company has a computer system that runs optimally! PMLTS provides advice on how to keep things running smoothly, including suggestions on hardware for the best performance, and suggestions on software that best fits your company’s needs. You are doing a good job. I’m impressed on how you keep up with the changes in IT!

Russell Crum, Supervisor of Operations, Shelving Industry

PML Tech Services has been a reliable, professional & well knowledgeable business We can count on. There is no gray areas, there’s no false expectations, false hopes or promises. They tell it like it is with the facts up front. They can handle anything from a simple task to the most complex needs: server, network, workstation, back up services, etc.

I met Greg over 2 years ago when I needed help loading Windows Small Business server software, I’m pretty savvy doing most computer and small network tasks, but wanted everything just perfect “the 1st time”, Greg assisted me and exceeded my expectations of getting our whole network and server + exchange server up and running in less than two days. It’s been flawless since then. Now, actually just today we are switching to the “ Tactical Backup” service from our old back up service, I know if Greg says it’s a great program, I know it will perform. I wouldn’t hesitate to and have recommended PML Tech Services to anyone that needs Professional computer, server, network help. PML Tech Services is like having a friend in the business!


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