If you’ve ever used web-based email, streamed music from Pandora, Slacker, or iHeartRadio, or signed up for a backup service like Carbonite, then you’ve used the cloud! The cloud, quite simply, is nothing more than a service on the internet.

Most people ask “why would I want to use the cloud?” The simple answer is convenience and reliability. The days of carrying multiple flash drives and storing information on DVD or CD are over. With the cloud you can simply save a file in your “cloud” storage and access it from anywhere. You can also share this file with friends or coworkers very easily.

You will want to make sure you choose strong passwords when using cloud services. You will always trade security and convenience. Just because you made it convenient for you by saving a file on your cloud storage doesn’t mean it should be convenient for everyone. Choosing a strong password and using privacy settings correctly with minimize the chances of your data getting into the wrong hands.

A few more examples of popular cloud services:
Microsoft Office 365